Hospice & Palliative Healthcare, and it’s affiliates, are leading providers of passionate, competent and comprehensive end-of-life care.

We deliver personalized hospice care & support services to thousands of patients and their families, in the comfort of their own homes.

Alliance Hospice provides care and support in the home and in facilities or patients and their families in Augusta, Georgia, North Augusta, South Carolina and other Georgia and South Carolina Communities.

Our All Caring Hospice branch provides hospice care and support services for counties in and around Cleveland,Cincinnati and Youngstown, Ohio.

Since 2005 HP Healthcare has been devoted to easing the physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering that often accompanies terminal illness.

Introduction to Hospice CareWe provide comprehensive hospice care and support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our compassionate, experienced and well-trained interdisciplinary team. Our team includes of hospice nurses, home health aides, hospice social workers, therapists, bereavement counselors and volunteers and physicians. We put patients and families first and strive to make every interaction with you and your loved one meaningful.

HP Healthcare accepts most private insurance and is a Medicare and Medicaid licensed provider. Both Medicare and Medicaid provide 100% coverage for care related to a terminal illness. This includes physicians, hospice nurses, hospice aides, hospice social workers, therapists, counselors, bereavement support, respite care, medical equipment, medications, oxygen and medical supplies.

What Makes HP Healthcare Different?

At HP Healthcare, we believe in the importance of meaningful relationships, as well as the values of dignity and respect. It is our privilege to provide exceptional care and support to every individual and their family. We strive to make a positive difference each day and to support you in creating memorable moments that will enrich life.

CHAP LogoHP Healthcare takes pride in being CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partner) accredited. CHAP accreditation lets you know that we are committed to providing services in a way that exceeds quality and compliance standards.

HP Healthcare serves as a resource to the community for end-of-life care and related issues. We seek to provide care for all eligible patients and families who need hospice services regardless of their ability to pay. We currently provide hospice care and support for counties in Augusta Georgia and North Augusta, South Carolina through our Alliance Hospice offices. Our All Caring Hospice branch provides services for counties in and around Cleveland, Cincinnati and Youngstown, Ohio.

HP Healthcare is present for each patient and family when everything is changing, we work to ease the difficult process of dying by making the end of life more manageable and comforting.

Bringing Hospice to Your Home – Wherever Home May Be

HP Healthcare brings hospice care to wherever the patient and loved ones feel most secure whether that is the patient’s residence, in the home of a loved one, in an assisted living residence or in a nursing facility. Our reliable and compassionate professionals provide home hospice care services based on the patient’s individual situation.

HP Healthcare works as a team to integrate the wishes and needs of the patient and their loved ones, under the direction of their attending physician,to ensure the patient’s comfort is maintained. Patients are always welcome to designate their own physicians as their attending physician, or to select the Hospice Medical Director to coordinate their care. HP Healthcare offers numerous resources including medical experts, local community based services, and a variety of therapies to ensure each patient receives care that will relieve symptoms and promote comfort. Finally, wherever hospice care takes place, HP Healthcare works closely with all members of the team which includes family and friends, caregivers, and spiritual advisors to ensure the emotional support of the patient.

HP Healthcare helps patients to live each day to the fullest by providing comprehensive, compassionate, emotional and spiritual support for patients and their loved ones. We help each patient find comfort, experience peace and preserve dignity while living with a terminal illness.